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Larry Tebben and his wife Michele believe in living a holistic life and knowing where your food comes from. At its heart it is this way of life that inspired raising DNA-Verified Japanese Black Wagyu at Tebben Ranches in Floresville, TX. Since 2007, Larry has built a strong Wagyu herd, with superior genetics that results in exceptionally good marbling and flavor. Tebben’s Wagyu are raised in a stress-free environment, roaming freely on hundreds of acres of land in a natural and idyllic setting on the Tebben Ranches.

“Wagyu cattle have been my passion since I discovered them,” Larry said. “We believe our stress-free conditions are a key difference in developing our prized Wagyu beef,” Larry said. “We don’t use hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, and our Wagyu are fed an all-vegetarian diet,” Larry said. Tebben Ranch Wagyu graze freely, resting under the shade of 200-year-old live oak trees and drinking water from rivers and streams and reservoirs filled with mineral-rich water from our wells. Our calves develop and are born into this stress-free environment.”

Unrivaled in quality and flavor, Tebben Ranch’s Wagyu is meticulously cared for and cultivated, all the way from the Floresville ranch to your table, and you can truly taste the difference.

Larry served as vice president for the Texas Wagyu Association and was on the national marketing committee of the American Wagyu Association, helping to enhance and grow the image of the Wagyu Industry in America. In addition to being a highly respected rancher and breeder of Wagyu, he was the founder and owner of LL Tebben Company, a commercial roofing and sheet metal business. He grew the company from start-up to become an international corporation specializing in the federal government and military projects.

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