Wagyu Tenderloin Tips from Tebben Ranches

Wagyu Tenderloin Tips

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Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Tips from Tebben Ranches. Approximate weight 1 lb. 

As the name implies, Tenderloin Tips are from the ends of the Tenderloin, where the cut begins to taper. They're just as tender as Wagyu Filet Mignon at a fraction of the price.

Wagyu Filet Tips are tender to the extreme, clean, and smooth with a rich, lean beef flavor. Try tenderloin tips on the grill, marinated and then skewered for kebabs, or sliced and stir-fried. They will work well with quick, high-heat methods of cooking. This versatile cut is also amenable to saucy preparations and would be delightful sliced into bite-sized pieces and served with thick gravy and biscuits. Just remember to keep it on the rare side to best preserve the incredible texture.

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Tebben Ranches’ DNA-Verified Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are raised in a low-stress environment, ranging freely, without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, to bring you the most delicious Wagyu beef you have ever tasted with exceptionally good marbling.

Raised for quality NOT quantity.

Tebben Ranches ships Wagyu Beef directly to your door with no middleman across the USA except for HI & AK. Temperature controlled shipping. Thawing is normal during shipment

Wagyu Tenderloin Tips from Tebben Ranches, Texas